Thursday, September 10, 2009

Alec Baldwin's NYC Coop Up For Sale

Alec Baldwin -- star of NBC's 30 Rock and dozens of feature films -- has placed his coop in the El Dorado building on Central Park West up for sale. He's asking $7.5 million for this 3BR/4.5BA gem, which boasts an eat-in kitchen and maid's quarters.

Notably, his home doesn't appear to be "staged" with generic furniture. Instead, it looks like his furniture pieces were acquired over time and reflect his own sensibilities of comfort and style.
For example, the living room (above) has two blue lounge chairs that look a little worn.
And it's nice to see he has family photos in the dining room (above). It's unexpected and incredibly normal. This room is obviously not just for show.
Of course, we realize it's the beautiful New York skyline and Central Park reservoir views (above and below) that will sell this place.

Honestly, after viewing the interior photos of his home, we feel like we know Alec a little better now. After all the madness we read in the tabloids, it's a nice reminder that he's human and lives like a normal (albeit very rich!) person.

His home is tranquil, traditional, and far from the artificiality of so many other stars' homes. We love it!

All home photos courtesy of Corcoran Realty.


  1. I must agree. This is a nice, comfortable home. It is good to see a celebrity's home just like real people live there.

  2. Wow I don't like his home - it looks like something an old lady would like, especially the living and dining rooms.

    The bedroom is a little better although it looks like a suite at Park Avenue hotel.

    The only thing I do like is the view.

  3. That's a totally fair comment Anon. We don't share his design taste AT ALL! It's just that we've seen so many homes where the celebs just filled it with a bunch of meaningless new furniture from a showroom. His home at least looks real.

    We suppose we should have also critiqued some of the stodgy furniture choices.

    Thanks for putting us in check!

  4. My view of him clouds my opinion of the house; thus, I reserve comment.

  5. Understandable Tina. In what we hear about his personal life and what we see of him on screen, he always comes across as an a$$hole. But maybe it's ALL an act.

    Either way, he still uttered the best line in movie history: "A-B-C. A-Always, B-be, C-closing. Always be closing. ALWAYS be closing."

    We bet he has that mindset when it comes to selling his coop!

  6. After seeing Alec's NYC coop , he seems more normal than I thought. Filthy stinking rich, but pretty normal for being rich.

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