Monday, September 28, 2009

Washington Redskin Fred Smoot Quietly Marries & Puts House Up for Sale

The Washington Redskins may have lost to Detroit yesterday, but cornerback Fred Smoot has reason to feel like a winner:  he got married on the QT the week before last.  Incidentally, he also recently placed his 8,429 sq. ft. home in Great Falls, Virginia, on the market for $1.695 million.

For those of you who don't recall, Smoot was the alleged ringleader in the 2005 Minnesota Vikings "Love Boat" cruise scandal.  While he was still playing for the Vikings, Smoot along with several teammates rented a boat and hired a bunch of prostitutes for an all-out sex party.  YUCK!!!

Smoot later pled guilty to disorderly conduct and public nuisance charges, and the NFL subsequently fined him for about $82,000.

In 2007, he launched his own energy bar called SMACK.  We certainly hope that's not in reference to his cruise antics!

Anyway, we dug up the video tour of his house (below).  Watch it and you'll see that this is the typically hideous generic oversized home with oversized furniture and ugly decorative elements.  Oh, and let's not forget the requisite fancy kitchen with granite countertops. 

From here on out, we're going to just start referring to houses like this as "baller chic" to keep from repeating ourselves so much.

Unfortunately, there's simply not much to recommend the house or its interior design.  Though we do think the virtual tour provided in the realtor's listing shows the house in a much better light.

So who's the new wifey?  Summer Joy Hughes (above), a Georgia lawyer, who probably wants a classier looking crib.  Smoot apparently likes to keep his hookers close and his lawyers closer!  (Just kidding.)

Congrats to the lovely couple!  We'll  assume they didn't take a cruise for their honeymoon. 

For more details on the house, including the realtor's virtual tour, check out the listing here.
For more details on the wedding, check out the story by The Washington Post's Reliable Source. 


  1. Looks like he spent his money this way because he thinks this looks rich. Not sitting on a couch he owns or not lifting weights in a weight room he built. Just sounds like a waste, but it is his money to waste.

  2. Sadly, we think you're right Cassandra. That's our beef with a lot of ballers and other newly wealthy celebs. (We think it all started with Elvis Presley and his Graceland!)

    The problem is, they all THINK they need to demonstrate their wealth (wrong!) and that this is the way to do it (wrong again!).

    It's as if they never sit down to ask themselves what lifestyle would really make them happy.

    Smoot's a Mississippi country boy who really might be happier with a lovely home on a lake, where he could go fishing. (Hmm, maybe he he should read our post about Matt Lauer's new weekend place.)

    But, as you say, it is his money to waste.

  3. Fred Smoot' taste in housing is typical of most ballers, big is great. There is nothing wrong with a typical large home for a family, but these mansions have gotten out of hand. I agree with a lovely home on a lake may be good
    to get away
    The new bride may change all of his taste in houses. He appears to have a business sense.

  4. Hey Anon, You must have really been listening when you watched the video. Not only does he have that SMACK bar, he also said something about buying four Waffle Houses. So you might be right about his business sense!

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  10. While we love juicy gossip, we have to delete some of these comments. They address serious paternity issues and have gone in the direction of outright name-calling.

    The comments also contain language that even WE find vulgar (and that says a lot!). Plus, they have nothing to do with houses.

    Keep it light folks!


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  12. Waffle Houses is a great thing to have! Thanks Fred I thought of this long time ago..tired of driving to Virginia Beach VA just for Waffle House..please bring them to Maryland...didn't know you were from MS, so am I..born and raised but found the DMV to be my new residence.


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