Thursday, November 12, 2009

Can You Guess Who Owns This House?

This living room is filled with tons of furniture, drapes, and accessories.  In fact, the whole house is filled with so much opulence that it's hard to believe anyone can even breathe here.  So whose house is it?


This is the 35,000 square foot New Jersey "home" that Kimora Lee Simmons shared with her now ex-husband hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons:

We reported on Tuesday that this home was for sale and that we'd seen it before.  All of these photos were taken a couple of years ago, when the home was first put up for sale.  They were asking $23 million then.

We wonder if the furnishings come with the current asking price of $16.5 million.  Don't know if anyone would want all this ornate stuff anyway.  Like, if you thought the living room was too much, check out the dining room:

And though we're unsure what they used their self-described "Lion room" for, we're sure that we're frightened by its fireplace:

It's clear they spared no expense.   The home not only comes with its own movie theater . . .

. . . it even has a ticket counter with a creepy anamatronic ticket-taker:

Nevertheless, there are a few enviable touches like this indoor pool in their spa room:

If you want to see more opulence, go here.  All photos by Matthew Roberts for the NY Daily News.


  1. This was tough because I actually had no idea who could be so tacky. The funny thing is I've seen these pictures before and they hurt my eyes every time I see them. And yes, the lion room scares me too.

    By the way I love the addition of the "You might also like" section, I'm seeing many posts (and homes) that I missed before.

  2. Thanks BeachGal! Sadly, this lifestyle is what a lot of celebrities aspire to attain. Contrast that with the lifestyle of designer Sigrid Olsen:

  3. This is one house I do not wish to have. The
    grounds have been well maintained, that I like.

  4. Something to prove?

    Goes to show that the only taste that some folks have is in the mouth.

    Gaudy is Phugly!

    You go Sigrid...

  5. We think you are right Kdarney. They must have thought they had something to prove. Sigrid rocks!

  6. This house leaves me speechless. Plain. Offensive.


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