Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Former NBA Star Latrell Sprewell Heading for Foreclosure

We first learned that ex-NBA player Latrell Sprewell was possibly facing foreclosure yesterday on Bossip. Looks like it's true.  Luxist reports that his home in Purchase, New York, is scheduled for a sheriff's sale in January 2010.  Nearly a decade ago, Latrell bought the 7BR home(the same one where he was accused of attacking his girlfriend a few years ago) for $2.3M.  It sits on 3.3 acres and comes with a gym, pool, spa, basketball court, and a recording studio.  The home is currently listed for $3.8M.

Visit Luxist to see photos of the inside.  We'll stay behind and bite our tongues about the interior decor!


  1. Poor Latrell. Usually when I can't think of anything to say about a house, I will turn to the yard. Sorry, couldn't even be nice about that. Good luck Latrell.

  2. Thanks Anon. Good point. That yard is a jungle. Too bad, because we actually think the exterior of the house is nice. Good landscaping would have enhanced its beauty.

  3. The swingset in the backyard looked really nice! It looks waaay nicer than the one the Obama's had installed at the White House. I'm sure his kids had a blast on it.


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