Friday, July 24, 2009

Celebrity Home of the Week

Gee, it was a tough decision this week. Lots of house eye candy. The three finalist were Debi Mazar's livable Los Angeles villa, Biz Stone's artsy Berkeley bungalow, and Rob Cohen's Balinese beauty. Here's a recap:

1. Debi's Digs. Her home is very livable and stylish. But she probably could have used a designer to pull together her dining room a little. Still, you can't beat that cool chandelier.

2. Biz's Digs. His home is ultra cool. It's also located in a hip, funky town full of intellectuals. Perfect spot for a creative tech genius type. But at 800sf it was a little on the small side. Plus, that decor certainly was uninspiring--staged or not.

3. Rob's Digs. His vacation home is unbelievably beautiful--pure fantasy. We really dig the seclusion offered by the separate bedroom pavilions. And it's eco-friendly to boot. But Bali sure is a long way away. And what happens when that volcano erupts?

We have to declare Debi Mazar's digs the winner this week! We could actually picture ourselves living in her house. Makes us wonder why she's put it up for sale . . . .

Ah well, congratulations Debi! You have the Celebrity Home of the Week (CHOW)!


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