Monday, July 20, 2009

Thug Monday: 50 Cent Lowers Asking Price Again

Our favorite thug rapper 50 Cent aka Fiddy aka Curtis Jackson aka P.I.M.P. is still trying to unload that 50,000sf museum he calls a house (50 for 50, get it?) in Hartford, Connecticut. He purchased it from known arbiter of style and good taste, boxer Mike Tyson, for $4.1M and then reportedly added at least $6M in updates before setting the original asking price of $18.5M. After getting no takers, he lowered it to $14.5M and now it's down to $10.9M.

Last year, he let MTV Cribs tour his 19-bedroom, 37-bathroom crib with 6 kitchens, a home movie theater and a disco, allegedly to give prospective buyers a peek.

Heard Michael Vick is being released from home confinement today. He might start shopping for digs large enough to house his posse and his, um, pets.

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