Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Closer Look at Kate Hudson's Malibu Digs

Last week, we learned that Kate Hudson's Malibu digs were up for rent for a cool $90K/month. Today, we just thought we'd scrutinize her pad to see if it's truly worthy of that kinda moola. After a closer look, all we can say is . . . maybe!

We've gotta admit, it gets mega points for actually being ON the beach. The views from the main living and dining areas are lovely!We're definitely debating the decor though. According to her realtor, the decor is Balinese inspired. We're thinking it's more like Balinese-TIRED.

Take this bar for example. Too theme-ish!
And this bedroom is tasteful enough, but just a little bit too hotel-y for our taste.

Nevertheless, it's got some degree of Hollywood pedigree. The home was a wedding gift to Kate from her mom Goldie Hawn. That counts for something, right? We're just wondering if it's enough to justify $90K a month!


  1. Umm... it looks a little like an upscale Ramada Inn. No wonder she is selling people kept trying to check in, check out, and steal the towels.

  2. bedroom is a bit bleh. love the lounge - lots of light.

  3. Anon #1 --Very funny!

    Anon#2 -- That view must be spectacular!

  4. $90K per month...maybe 9K but no way 90K. That must be typo or Kate and/or her realtor are crazy.

    Wonder if she was able to rent to it?


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