Thursday, August 6, 2009

Federal F*CK-UP: Part II

So Karl Rove hasn't effed up lately, we suppose. And he isn't even a politician. More like a parasite. Yeah, we know: same thing. But Rove did enough harm to our nation's government in the past to forever wear the title of Federal F*CK-UP of the Century. Now it looks like he's bailing out of Washington D.C. for good.

According to the Washington Post, Rove has placed his digs up for sale for nearly $1.6 Million. He bought it for $799K eight years ago. Naturally, we wanted to check it out.

Well, the living room below has the typical pomp and circumstance of Washington: chintz and books. It's the oldest and lamest way to say upscale preppy and educated.

And the master bedroom? More books. And the library? Books of course . . . and booze.

And a bonus room? Take a guess! You got it! Still more books!

We can't say whether this house is worth the asking price. The bottom line is, when the final pages are written on Rove's chapter in history, his house will probably end up on the national historic register as home to a famous scoundrel. That alone is worth something.


  1. Um, we don't have that many books (quite) but damn, I'd LOVE that kind of shelving.

  2. Karl Rove like him or not was a very good at marketing george bush, his political candidate. Even Obama asked him about his political marketing skills. We can all learn something from this.

  3. This house is so hideous, I almost dislike it as much as I dislike him. Ugh!

  4. Thanks Anon#1 and Anon#2.

    Anon#1 -- Maybe prospective buyers need to find out if the books come with the house, so they can figure how he became so skilled.

    Anon#2 -- We don't actually dislike his house. It's charming enough. We just thought something about the decor reeked of smug 1980's arrogance and elitism. Didn't they devote a chapter to how homes should look in "The Preppy Handbook"?


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