Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Feds Prepare to Sell Bernie Madoff's Beach House in Montauk

Various news outlets report today that the U.S. Marshals are preparing to sell Bernie Madoff's Long Island beach house, located in Montauk, New York. The home was seized by the feds after Madoff was convicted of swindling investors out of billions of dollars. CNN reports that the feds hope to fetch about $7 million for the home, which CNN describes as unremarkable except for its views of the Atlantic Ocean.

So let's see if CNN is right:

Well, yeah, the living room decor (above) is indeed pretty tired. Judging from the taupe leather sofa "collection," it looks like the home was last updated in the 1980's. And too bad someone cut a giant hole for a TV into that beautiful stone fireplace. Guess it happened before the invention of flat screen TVs.
And, yeah, the kitchen (above) is dated too. Just look at those appliances. But after all, it is just a beach house. Casual is the goal.
Nevertheless, the circular dining room (above) with windows galore is simple, rustic, and frankly perfect for the setting.

Perhaps all the U.S. Marshals need to do is hire an interior designer (or at least a home stager) to bring out the best features of this beach house.

UPDATE: If you want to see a slideshow with additional, larger-sized photos, please go here.


  1. Good luck getting $7 million plus you'd have to fumigate the place of all that bad karma.

  2. Good point Anon! But at least the person who buys it will be contributing to the fund to repay those victims. That might be enough to wash away some of that bad karma.

  3. Too bad that property values dropped and the victims will get less.

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  5. it looks Good. if i am the owner of that beach I'll not sell it!

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