Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Will Whitney Houston's New Album Sales Keep the Mortgage Paid?

Unless you've been under a rock, you know by now that Whitney Houston's new album, I Look to You, dropped this week. So far, it's been met with lukewarm reviews.

We listened to a little of the footage of her concert in Central Park yesterday, which aired this morning on ABC's Good Morning America. Whitney was still not quite at the top of her game to us.

No matter though. Judging by all the fans who showed up, her album sales will be through the roof!

Good thing. Because Whitney could apparently use the money. Living with a drug addiction and that co-dependent husband Bobby Brown is what put her on the road to nearly losing both of her homes to foreclosure.

Back in 2006, her $1.39M mansion (above) in the Atlanta suburb of Alpharetta, Georgia -- where Whitney and Bobby filmed their TV reality show Being Bobby Brown -- was in foreclosure. Luckily she was able to sell it for $1.19M before the bank got around to it.

But who can forget this photo below from the National Enquirer of that bathroom in her house during the drug days?

Then, there were the reports that her $6M estate (below) in Mendham, New Jersey, was also in foreclosure for a period in 2006 because she owed more than $1M in back taxes.

Now that she's ditched her two DH's -- her Drug Habit and her Deadbeat Husband -- it looks like she's on the road to an amazing comeback. Let's hope that voice comes back too!

Good luck Whitney!


  1. Must say, Whitney needs all the help she can get in dropping all bad habits, and not end up in that bathroom mess ever again.

  2. God Bless Her, everybody gets a chance to come back again and again. Hope she makes it this time.

  3. Thanks Anon and Cassandra! Amen to both!

  4. It is amazing how hard we are to judge someone. She is working on the voice and is more humble. The more she gives the more the media wants to work against her and remind the world of her down falls and where she was. Clearly, where she was is not where she is going. Whitney keep it moving and get that voice back strong and let the world now in your next album that you are here to stay. This album was just to let you know she has not crumbled and still has passion for the business. The next will be the come back!! Rock it mama be a fan for over two decades and look forward to the next one.

  5. Thanks Carles (or is it Charles?). A lot of what you say is true. She needs to get that beautiful voice back.

    We don't agree with you though about the media working against her. Whitney has no one to blame but herself for her crack addiction. Plenty of great singers have come and gone without all that drama.

    Even as much as we love Michael Jackson (and you know we do!), he bore the bulk of the responsibility for his drug addiction. We think he surrounded himself with people who would do his bidding in terms of supplying prescription drugs. Thus, he controlled a lot of what was happening to him.

    As for Whitney, don't forget: Everybody loves a comeback kid! We're cheering for her too!

  6. All you mediah people are hating on whitney even though yall know she still have the voice!!! Whats yalls dayum problem???? Yall are not perfect so go get a life instead of hating on folks that yall are jealous of!!!

  7. Come on.... she doesnt have the voice that made her popular due to excessive drug use. And she still acts like a prima donna. We have more great female artists now that are younger and pretty too and do not have the ego that she still have.. she is a loser and a has been. She cannot come back.. she's done period

  8. Irrelevant why? Sudden concern over Whitney personal life. For those eager to belittle her.
    What about your life if have one. Whitney has beaten the odds, what have remember. If Whitney
    regains her stamina: shall fans. Actually care about the former? Hello use this example of course time. Has progress Whitney lingered. Good
    years still if she gets her career. Together Whitney is icon observe this woman career! I don't care what artist do in private. There paid to entertain you and Whitney. Does good job at it. Besides the reviews of the last tour.
    Whitney has prominent sources to enhance. Her career never mind the slander Whitney. Got her
    groove back, rest up and record. Good songs girl

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