Thursday, July 16, 2009

Celebrity Homes in Foreclosure

CNN reports today that 1.53 million U.S. homes are in foreclosure so far this year. And we're only halfway through the year. Unfortunately, even celebrities aren't immune to these rough economic times.

Photo: Vincent DeSalvio/Journal News
According to the Journal News, Actor Stephen Baldwin and his wife, Kennya, are in default on their home (pictured above) in Upper Grandview, NY. They owe more than $800,000 on a house that only cost them $515,000.

At first we thought only somebody like Stephen could let that happen to him, especially since we aren't talking about a terribly expensive house. And we suppose this could happen to anyone. But what we can't understand is, why his brother Alec (who is reportedly house-shopping in NYC) and the rest of the Baldwin clan can't help him out. Anyway, more details here.

Other celebrity homes in foreclosure include those belonging to Bravo's unReal Housewives of Atlanta and Orange County.

Nevermind that none of the Real Housewives of Atlanta really lived in Atlanta. They still faced the real issue of wannabes pretending to be high-rollers. Sheree Whitfield's ginormous home in the Atlanta suburb of Sandy Springs, GA, reportedly went into foreclosure in February, eventually selling via auction for $1.1 million.

We might as well mention that the trashy Atlanta Housewife NeNe Leakes lost her digs too earlier this year, but she was just a renter anyway. That was just more proof of her wannabe status.
Finally, Real Housewife Jeana Keough of Orange County -- another wannabe and a freakin' realtor -- also fell behind on her ostentatious home and various rental properties, but at least she was smart enough to seek a loan modification and put her home up for sale. For more details and photos of her less-than-stellar interiors, go here.

Looks like REALITY is the New Reality TV. Good luck to all of them in finding new digs.


  1. DANG! Can I get a reality show, don't pay my bills, and then get picked up for a new season? Life is good in Not Really Reality TV.

  2. We agree--until we get to the foreclosure part!


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