Monday, July 13, 2009

Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch: Underrated?

Photo: Jim Wilson/NY Times

R.I.P. MJ -- We always loved you and your over-the-top style! We all know the familiar photos of Neverland Ranch, like the Graceland-ish front gate and Disneyland-like train station. But the above photo from a recent New York Times article reveals the true Neverland, a gorgeous French country home in Santa Barbara County, California, that we bet interior designers would LOVE to get their hands on.

Exposed brick walls, oak floors, cedar closets, picturesque views of lovely grounds. The list just goes on and on. Just check out the Today Show's tour:

Alas, Neverland will probably wind up as a tourist attraction a la Graceland.

In a perfect world, we would love to see an L.A. designer like Peter Dunham or Betsy Burnham take it on as a project. Okay, in a perfect world, we would love to see MJ come back to us. We miss you MJ!

More photos from the NY Times and other sources below.


  1. As I watched I did keep trying to imagine what it was like just to have bacon and eggs there.
    I would like to see it as a theme park of some kind. There is a lot of comparisons to Graceland and it makes perfect sense that Neverland draw an income. It would be another draw to California and maybe a boost in their sagging economy.

  2. Thanks Anon,

    We would probably like to see it as something more like a museum, but a theme park wouldn't break our hearts either.

    Good point about boosting the California economy. They could use all the help they can get right now.


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