Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Celebrity House Hunters: Brangelina, Megan Fox & Others

Looks like a few of our favorite celebrities are on the hunt for new digs.

Photo: Corkery/News

New York Daily News reports that megastars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are checking out hi-rise digs on NY's Upper West Side. Under consideration is the century-old Apthorp Building, described as "fortress-like luxury" and in the process of converting to condos. They might spend to the tune of $25 million for 3 units. Guess they need all that space for their tribe.

Other celebs who may buy there too: Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick with their recently expanded clan, and Alec Baldwin. Hey, maybe uber-parent Alec can babysit all the kids!

Poor Megan Fox. Perez Hilton reports that she's house shopping in L.A. But we think she's shopping with chump change: $2-$3 million. Fortunately for her, the economy is lousy, so she might score a real bargain. Of course, no amount of money can buy her some class. Saw the photo, Perez. Geesh!

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