Thursday, August 27, 2009

Architectural Digest Looks Back at Sen. Kennedy's Washington Home

In honor of the passing of Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy, Architectural Digest is featuring a slideshow of the Washington, DC, home he shared with his wife Victoria. The photos were originally presented along with a story in its November 1999 issue.

As you can see the home is classic Washington, both elegant and traditional. There are formal yet surprisingly fresh rooms, like their morning room below:

And what memories must lie within the photos and artifacts in his personal study.

The Lion of the Senate will be sorely missed. Our condolences to his wife and the rest of his family.


  1. This is a nice, comfortable looking "HOME". I
    hope they enjoyed living in it, and that Mrs. Kennedy will have great memories of their life together.

  2. looks lovely. I'm really wanting to see the Hyannis Port home...

  3. We think so too, Alicia B. We'll see what we can dig up on the Hyannis Port home.

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