Monday, August 24, 2009

Former NFL-er Keyshawn Johnson Now an Interior Designer

What kind of bizarro world is this?!!!

We told you last week what we thought of clothing designers like Georgio Armani venturing into interior design. Don't!

Now we've got ballers like former NFL wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson branching into the interior design world! Turns out that we're the only people who didn't know that A&E TV recently gave him a show, Keyshawn Johnson: Tackling Design.

We scouted around for photos of his digs so we could judge for ourselves. On the Real Estalker blog, we found his former California condo:

Click anywhere on photos for a larger view courtesy of Real Estalker.

Johnson is said to designed several of his homes. Don't know if this condo is his handywork, but it's got a sleek minimalist look that we've grown a little tired of.

He is reportedly a fan of the "boutique hotel look" and Armani's Casa home collection (which Armani used in John Mayer's condo). Same thing, in our opinion.

In spite of that, we'll be sure to watch the show and report back on whether he has a bright future as a designer of other folks' homes! And let's hope he still has his own home after that builder gets done suing him.


  1. Minimalism can always be ok with those of us who like order. However sleek can be a whole story unto itself. This home happens not to be a favorite. Do wish him luck.

  2. This is an interesting venture for a Black footballer. I am excited for him and wish him all the success. He will have to prove himself over and over again but with what I'm seeing he will have fans cheering for him in another areana.

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