Monday, August 24, 2009

Lindsay Lohan's House Burglarized

People magazine is reporting that Lindsay Lohan's home was burglarized over the weekend. Her mother Dina Lohan told People that: "The safe was ripped off the wall . . . . Bags, shoes, and jewelry were taken too. Thank goodness she wasn't home."
TMZ broke the story first, after learning that her father Michael Lohan had called the police about it: Papa Lohan Says Lindsay's House Burglarized


  1. Its by God's grace. Some people believe on "celebrity's life is likely a diamond" How could you judge? You must go within the statement. Just do research on it. It can be different I mean outer life as well as inner life. One more thing I just wanna share, celebrities are always looking like unsatisfied from their life. Why? How? What? Is this something like a weird statement?
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  2. Thanks Allvira! Not sure we completely understand your comment, but we do think this post serves as a reminder that celebrities are human too. They aren't automatically immune from having their homes burglarized. That sucks no matter who you are. We're glad Lindsay wasn't harmed.

  3. ..I'm sad in what Lindsay house happen..

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