Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Look Inside John Mayer's SoHo Loft

In its September 2009 issue, Elle Decor magazine visits John Mayer's SoHo loft, freshly designed by none other than famous clothing designer Georgio Armani.

We finally fell in love with Mayer after his beautiful instrumental rendition of Human Nature at the Michael Jackson memorial in July. And although we've long admired Armani's "chic and understated" approach to designing clothes, we couldn't help but wonder how it would translate to interior design.

After viewing the photos, we'd have to say . . . eh. But for the awkwardly placed guitar above and the photos of Miles Davis and Thelonius Monk below, we'd question whether this is even a musician's place, much less Mayer's place.

The loft is definitely "chic and understated" . . . just like Armani. Hard to see much of Mayer's personality here at all. Or does he not have much of a personality?

Our conclusion: If Alan Jackson is aiming for the ginormous luxury hotel look, then Mayer and Armani are most certainly aiming for the small New York boutique hotel look.

Dare we say it? Maybe Armani should stick to his day job!

Thus far, Ralph Lauren is still the only clothing designer who really could have been an interior designer. Maybe we'll take a look at some of his interior design work soon.


  1. very chic, although I agree it's understated.

  2. Anon, Can't tell if you're being diplomatic or really like it. Either way, we'd understand. It is chic and understated, and we even like it too. We just weren't wowwed by it.

    And, now, after finally seeing the other spectalar homes in that issue, we are decidedly underwhelmed by it. We wonder if Georgio Armani might have called in a favor to dear Margaret Russell.


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