Friday, August 21, 2009

Lenny Kravitz's Digs Up for Sale AGAIN!

Well folks, Lenny Kravitz has been trying to unload his SoHo penthouse for a long, long time. According to the Curbed blogger, Kravitz first tried to sell it in 2002 for $17M. Apparently, back then, his pad reflected a little more of his personality -- dark, wild, and sexy!

Since then, it has undergone extensive renovations and been placed back on the market. Now it's light, tame, and devoid of any personality! The only cool feature left is that groovy glass and shag carpeted stairway.

This time he's asking . . . just under $15M.

Yes, we're scratching our heads too! This is probably the first time we've heard of anyone performing major renovations, only to ask for less money than before. Geesh, tough market in NYC!

His place was obviously sterilized for resale. But the kitchen above is nice enough (though we liked Whoopi's SoHo kitchen better).

The "bones" are clearly still there. For example, we really like this atrium dining area, even if the table and chairs are truly yawn-worthy:

And one of the perks of having a penthouse is a rooftop patio (below). But would it kill him to add a pillow to that generic catalog faux-wicker patio furniture?!!!

Sigh. At least there's a hint of Kravitz's wild-streak in those leopard print chairs (or are they snakeskin?!) in the living room:

Note to Kenya Davis and Alan Jackson, this is how you do animal prints with flair!


  1. Ooh, lawd, that's sexy (and the house ain't so bad either)! LOL

  2. Home may have been dark, wild and sexy back then. Glad to see that he has come to understand that glass can still lift the spirit.


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