Monday, August 17, 2009

Mad Men in Real Life: Bryan Batt at Home

Okay, we watched the season premiere of AMC's Mad Men last night. O-M-G! It was soooo good!!!

Totally racy! Totally sexy! Totally gay!

And, in Bryan Batt's case, totally all of the above!

SPOILER WARNING: Batt (above, right), who plays closeted gay ad executive Sal Romano, gets busy with a hotel bellboy while away on a business trip.

It was all so juicy (not literally!) that we decided to see what we can find out about Mad Men stars' homes.

We ran across this New York Times article from a couple of years ago. Turns out he shares a home in New Orleans with his partner Tom Cianfichi (above, left).

Of course, we dig it! What can we say, it has a stylish vintage flair that has always appealed to us. We love, love, love those painted white chairs in the dining room.

And we especially love the weathered Barcelona chair in the cozy little nook (below). Even the dog looks cool:

Photos by Cheryl Berger for the NY Times.
FYI, Batt and Cianfichi also operate a home decor store in New Orleans called Hazelnut. Cute stuff there too!

Of course, we're still on the hunt for more "Mad Men in Real Life" digs. We'll keep you posted!


  1. "Mad Men" stars show the great style they have in decorating. I would love to take the Barcelona chair and stool of their hands.

  2. And we just can't get over those white chairs in the dining room!


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