Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bill & Hillary Clinton: They're Gonna Need a Bigger House!

The New York Post's Cindy Adams reports today on Page Six that ex-Prez Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary ("He's not the Sec'y of State, damn it, I am!") are house-hunting in Westchester County, NY. Cindy says they want a bigger place, enough for his-and-hers quarters.

After all their history, it wouldn't surprise us that Bill and Hill would want to be as far apart as possible if they're going to be in the same house. And we guess their Chappaqua house (above) in Westchester County isn't big enough.

But, according to TMZ, they were spotted just last month holding hands while on vacay in Bermuda! Check it out:
We're still scratching our heads! Like, was that a photo op or what?

Top photo credit: Mike Albans


  1. All who are old enough to have been married for a number of years realize there are times that photo ops are necessary. Don't know what deals may have been made in that handholding walk. Perhaps a bigger house is necessary if Hillary wants to give the impression that they are "together" in order for her to run again.

  2. check out my Bill Clinton blog of another photo of them this summer


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