Wednesday, September 16, 2009

John Krasinski Says 'Away We Go' -- He's Selling His West Hollywood Home

John Krasinski -- that cute guy from The Office and the recent flick Away We Go (who isn't even all that cute, but that's what makes him so cute!) -- is moving on. He's asking $1,245,000 for his little english country-style 3BR/3BA house in West Hollywood.

We're guessing he needs a bigger place since he just got engaged to actress Emily Blunt of The Devil Wears Prada fame. This one's pretty small at less than 1,300sf.

It's also possibly a little overpriced to be located right across the street from an apartment complex. But at least it sits behind a tall hedge, giving it that feeling of seclusion.

Unfortunately, the house has been stripped bare of all personality in preparation for sale. Krasinski actually could have benefitted from a home stager to give the house some warmth. Notice how there isn't a single tchotchke on any table surface below?
And although the kitchen and bathroom are perfectly adequate, both look like standard Home Depot specials from earlier in the decade:
Nevertheless, the home has its small charms like the built-in china buffet in the dining room:

But, again, how about putting something on that dining table and buffet, like some freakin' china?!!!

Oh well, we get the feeling John was more of a chinese food take-out kind of guy anyway. And he's so cute (did we say that already?), we'd buy his house if we could!

If you want to see more of his home, here's the listing. We wish him luck!


  1. As a single guy the house could be perfect for John, even for a short time two can live there.
    I agree that the house can use some decorating just to make it homey.

  2. Dude, I bet the only thing that differentiated the house when he lived there from when he was trying to sell it was that there were newspapers and pizza boxes strewn around. I just visited a bachelor friend of mine and was...well... astounded? disgusted? the man needs a girlfriend...

  3. Thanks Anon#2. Too funny!

    We had guessed chinese take-out, but pizza boxes were probably mixed in there too.

    John is such a GUY's guy. That's why we love him!


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