Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye West: Is This the Home of a Jerk?

Well, oops, Kanye West did it again! He has clowned at the MTV VMA's so many times now. Is anyone surprised about what happened last night?

By now everyone knows that he interrupted Taylor Swift as she was accepting her Moon Man award for best female video. Kanye insisted that Beyonce deserved to win it based on her video for "Single Ladies." Even if we agree with him (and we do!), what a freakin' jerk!

Of course, it made us think, where does he live anyway?!!!

Turns out that Interior Design magazine featured the interior of his Hollywood Hills home a while back.
We were surprised to find that we liked a lot of things we saw, including the entry shown above.

Kanye has amassed an extensive furniture and pop art collection, like Burton Morris' Jetsons pieces above and the blue Eero Koivisto chair. And we especially dig Andy Warhol's classic Campbell's Soup cans over a vintage Louis Vuitton steamer trunk in his kitchen below:

But, as much as we like Ernie Barnes, the famed artist who did the murals seen on the classic TV show Good Times, we do NOT dig the mural he painted on Kanye's dining room ceiling:

Not only is it unattractive and goofy (Kanye is depicted as an angel a la Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel), but it speaks to Kanye's messiah complex.

For more photos of his home go here.
All in all, we found Kanye's home to be a bit sterile, as if it were a museum. Look but don't touch! Composed but artificial. That, along with the bizarre mural, serves as solid proof that he is a soul-less ego-maniacal JERK!
All interior photos by Art Gray.


  1. I pitted Kanye when his mother died, however, there is no excuse for what he did to Taylor Swift. "Single Lady" will always be a classic with or without his comments. The house is a story all its own:nice, orderly, good & smart investment in the artwork.
    A very talented man who should fine someone to bring him back down to earth.

  2. Yeah, we feel the same way. Maybe he's still a little lost after his mom's death. He's certainly a gifted poet.

    And he's obviously pretty savvy when it comes to investing in art. We'd love to get our hands on a few of those pieces, except the ceiling art of course!

  3. Yes, it is the home of a jerk!

  4. That piece of art by the late, great Ernie Barnes is called, "A Life Restored" is now an instant masterpiece because it is one of Barnes' last commissioned pieces! You should also know that that isn't West in the piece but the angel Gabriel. A wonderful piece! You may know houses, but art . . . not so much!

  5. Good point Anon! We acknowledged it as a piece by the fabulous Ernie Barnes. Sorry we neglected to follow up on the details.

    Although we love both artists' work, we still hate this one by Barnes. (We also hate a lot of Warhol's paintings where all he did was have someone urinate on wet paint canvases.)

    We think we would really surprise you on how much we DO know about the art world, particularly modern and contemporary works. But this is not the forum.

    Good catch though! So thanks! And please continue to set us straight when you think we're wrong.


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