Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dancing with the Stars' Samantha Harris is Selling Her L.A. Home

What's UP with us and spanish mediterranean houses these days?!!!  First it was Meg Ryan's house, then Christina Ricci's, then James Franco's, then Dorothy Dandridge's.  Now the co-host of Dancing with the Stars, Samantha Harris, has gone and put hers up for sale too!

Okay, so it's not as glamorous as the others, but we love the exterior.  And it's not as pricey as the others either!  Located on a great street in Westwood, the newly remodeled 4 BR/3.5 BA home carries an asking price of $1.595 million.

For that amount, you get less than 3000 sq. ft. and no foyer.  But you do get wood beams on the ceiling, arched openings and a dining room with a raised floor:

As for the remodeling work, we don't see anything particularly special.  But it's not objectionable either.

MORE PHOTOS after the jump!!!

The kitchen looks nicely done, though unremarkable:

Samantha (pictured in the top photo with her DWTS co-host Tom Bergeron) shares this house with her husband and their 2yo daughter.  Naturally, the most charming room is their daughter's:

The master bedroom and bath are terrific too:

So it looks like Samantha and her family prefer a largely traditional decor.  We like that.  She can save all the glamour for those lovely gowns she wears on DWTS! 

Tell us, do you think her home should be a little more glamorous?

Top photo by Bob D'amichi/ABC.  For more info on the listing and more photos, go here.  Thanks Aerial Dave!


  1. Not glam, but definitely nice. The daughter's room is so precious.

  2. I really like it, one of the most "livable" I've seen in "star" homes. Very cute.

  3. I love Samantha's house.It looks like a real family lives there, not a showplace to expose all your precious items. The interior and the exterior is perfect.

  4. No, I think it is perfect and so is she. I miss you, Samantha.
    Congratulations on your new baby and all your success.
    I have been you cheerleader on the side lines even though you don't know it:). I knew you'd make it big.
    You are beautiful as always and most people don't know but you are even more beautiful on the inside.
    Love always,
    Stacy Anderson ( Rios). From HHS


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