Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dorothy Dandridge's Former Home Up For Sale

We just learned that the former home of the beautiful and legendary screen star Dorothy Dandridge is for sale.  Like James Franco's home, it is a GORGEOUS 3BR/4.5BA Spanish mediterranean located just off L.A.'s Sunset Strip--almost as gorgeous as Dorothy herself!  The current owner is asking $3.495 million.

Above is the terrace located just off the dining room.  Because we didn't care for the decor in the dining or living room, we skipped showing them to you. 

Instead, we want to show you the master bedroom, closet and bathroom below:

Take note all you so-called ballers out there, THIS is how you ball!  Prime real estate, beautiful architectural details, and spectacular features like a terrace off your closet and a stunning view from your tub!

Oh yeah, the kitchen is lovely too! 

See the kitchen and MORE PHOTOS after the jump!

Just lovely!

All in all, we'd say Dorothy's house is giving James Franco's similarly-priced house a serious run for the money!  It's certainly our first contender for Celebrity House of the Week!

So, readers, which house is better Dorothy Dandridge's or James' Franco's?

For a slideshow with MANY more photos, check out the listing here.  Hat tip to Luxist and the L.A. Times!


  1. James Franco has my vote. I like the exterior of his house better.

  2. Thanks Anon. But Dorothy's house has better views of the city.

  3. This is a lovely a home. Small, quaint and beautiful.

  4. My vote is for Dorothy's crib. Lovely.

  5. Breathtaking and Beautiful! I look forward to my husband finding a buyer (He's a Realtor) I'm Ann Dandridge POWERFUL PEOPLE and FRIENDS

  6. Hi Ms. Dandridge! It's almost as breathtaking as your cousin Dorothy! CDHQ

  7. Whoever own this house now, they are so lucky, Very beautiful house.

  8. The place is super haunted though. I was watching a show about a lady that lived there. She said mirrors fell off walls. Light bulbs shattered and there were many voices. Dorothy killed herself there too

    1. Saw that segment earlier today. Interesting and exciting.

  9. Whether or not you like the decor is of no concern to others, there are people with imagination and creativity to replace said decor with new ideas. You've got to be dumb as a doorknob if you can't see past the sellers decor.


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