Thursday, October 29, 2009

Real Housewives of Atlanta: Dwight Eubanks (The Sixth Housewife) at Home

Okay, so we sorta got lazy and fell off on our posts about the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  Let us just throw this one in about Dwight Eubanks --The Unofficial Sixth Housewife.  Dwight, a hair stylist who also served as the director of Sheree Whitfield's fashion show this season.  He's rumored to be getting his own reality show soon.

Photographer Sean Drakes of the Atlanta Journal Constitution toured Dwight's Atlanta home recently.  As flamboyant as Dwight is, we expected his home to be completely over the top.

Well, we were wrong!  He lives in a largely traditional home with traditional decor.  We grabbed a few of the best interior shots just to show you.

Aside from perhaps having a little too much furniture, his living room (shown below and in top photo) is certainly pleasant enough.

And every once in a while, you can glimpse something ultra-chic like these lamps, also in the living room:

Or this carved bedframe in his master bedroom:

We actually really like the knole settee and drum coffee table in the lounge off the master bedroom:

And who doesn't love a pool? 

The pool area looks like a really nice place to throw a party, especially if Dwight eliminated that loose pile of fabric and pillows (presumably a lounging spot).

The bottom line is, it looks like Dwight just moved into a newly built home.  He probably decorated it himself without the help of a designer.  Of course, we wouldn't make those same design choices; we all have our own individual tastes. 

Surprisingly, his style sometimes leans toward the "grandma's house" look.  To freshen things up, we'd lose the white walls, frilly bed linens, at least one of the victorian sofas in the living room, and most of the gold accents.  We'd also consider adding a rug and a larger coffee table in the living room, and modern window treatments throughout the house. 

Otherwise, we think he did a pretty okay job--especially considering he's a hair stylist and not a so-called "Real Housewife."
If you want to check out the rest of the photos, go here.


  1. Nothing surprises me about Dwight. He loves to outdo Sheree whatever the issue. I am not surprised at his "grandmother house" or the overtop home with all these "ladies" being his best friends.

  2. Ok, I'm still on the floor laughing that you called him the 6th housewife. (V. funny)

    As for the house, it's just too overdone for my taste. Everywhere I turn there's so much "drama" in that house. There needs to be a mix of drama and understated pieces. When everything is dramatic, the nice pieces (ahem... I'm sure there ARE some) get washed out.

  3. Thanks Anon and Tiffany. We wish we could take credit for the 6th housewife moniker, but we have seen it used elsewhere! You make a very good point about there being too much drama, Tiffany.

  4. Have to say though, I LOVE the pool and would gladly host parties there. hee hee

  5. His design style is slightly schizophrenic...but he does have a few great pieces as Celebrity Digs HQ said.

    What I really like is how bright and airy the house is with all the natural light and skylights.

    Maybe the piles of fabrics by the pool are just really big towels?

  6. Dwight's design aesthetic is very well . . . "Dwight". I agree that he could loose alot of the white in the house. The pieces are timeless classics mixed with contemporary functionality. I think that it reflects him perfectly. Now the bit about sunbathing in the nude. . . TMI :-( LOL


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