Friday, November 6, 2009

Celebrity Home of the Week: Sigrid Olsen's Home

Sorry for the late posting.  Today is such a terrible news day. One day after the mass shooting at Fort Hood, we now have another mass shooting, this time in Orlando. It's the kind of day to make us question why we do what we do.


In searching for something to put it all in perspective, we ran across a slideshow from the New York Times about the home of well-known fashion designer Sigrid Olsen.  Until last year, Sigrid designed clothes under her own label for Liz Claiborne.  She has since traded in her spacious home for a tiny bungalow in the Rocky Neck art colony of Gloucaster, MA.

What you don't learn from the slideshow is that Sigrid battled breast cancer a few years ago, which ultimately led her to back to her earlier love of painting. 

She now sells her artwork from her 1,200 square foot bungalow, which houses her combined living, work, and gallery spaces.  The dining room table (above) serves as her work space and her husband (below)manages the gallery from the living room. 

The garage provides additional studio space for Sigrid as well as her 90-year old father (below), who is also a painter.

In short, we are inspired by Sigrid and we love her home.  It is our Celebrity Home of the Week. 

The recent shootings remind us how fragile life can be.  We believe the choices we make about where to live and how to live should reinforce what is really important to us.  In Sigrid's case, it isn't a spacious mansion or a lot of high end furniture that brings her joy.  It's a small home in a lovely little community where she can pursue her passion for art and spend time with her family.

So, to answer our own question:  We examine the homes of celebrities to find inspiration and at the same time learn more about what's important to them and ourselves. 

Tell us, does your home inspire you?  Does it reinforce what is really important to you?

Photos by Jodi Hilton for the NY Times.  To learn more about Sigrid's Art, visit


  1. I do like my home, just wish I was surrounded by water. What a beautiful dream.

  2. Thanks Anon. We love seaside homes and wished we lived in one too! Where's BeachGal to rub it in when we need her?

  3. Oh I saw this house too! I like this house and the lifestyle changes that Sigrid made that led her to her bungalow and art.

    I don't think my house necessarily inspires but it does provide a source of comfort and it definitely allows me to easily enjoy what's important to me.

  4. True the beachfront lifestlye is beautiful -- you're seeing and hearing the ocean, enjoying the breezes. But the constant seablast is a nightmare for your furniture, appliances and electronics (think serious rust, dust and a film over every're constantly cleaning).

  5. Hey BeachGal, Thanks for the reminder of that home should indeed be a source of comfort. Forgot about how much the ocean erodes stuff. But, after all, it is just stuff. Enjoy all of it (the beach and the stuff) for as long as you can!

  6. This is lovely. I think in many of the "stars" homes that are covered there is a loss of spirit, tranquility, and love. In this home you can see for Sigrid how it manifests itself for she and her family.

  7. I love that ocean home! And her watercolors.

  8. This is so gorgeous. Not in a glamorous celebrity way, but in a peaceful and passionate about art way. Lovely

  9. ..nice paintings's really good

    *_* maica *_*

  10. Yeah, I also heard that Sigrid Olsen had started her business with making hand-printed textiles in Rockport, Massachusetts. I get goose bumps to see where this brand has reached now in a short span of time.


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