Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Poppy Montgomery's Spanish Colonial Home

When we featured Enrique Murciano yesterday, we did not realize that CBS had just canceled his show, Without A Trace.  That's too bad.  Oh well, since we're already focused on that show, we figured we might as well take a look at the home of his co-star, Australian-born Poppy Montgomery.  And, as with Enrique's home, we were again pleasantly surprised!


Poppy lives in a charming renovated 1920's Spanish Colonial in California's Pacific Palisades area.  After looking at her living room (top photo) and her master bedroom (below), we can see that she has a lot of style.

We especially like the open feel of her master bath, with doors to the outside:

Did you notice that the ottoman matches that gorgeous tile surrounding the sink on the left?  Or how the shower on the right beckons you, even though it's covered in dark tile? 

To see more photos of Poppy's home, go here.  Be sure to come back and tell us what you think!

All photos by Joe Shmeltzer for PointClickHome.


  1. I like the house. I would prefer seeing the exterior first.

  2. Damn I was almost first!

    Anyway, her house is gorgeous! The interior design team did a great job. The bathroom and living room are my favorites.

    My question is what's up with these animal print rugs in these celebrity homes (see the rug in her bedroom). They almost seem to be afterthought and detract from the design aesthetic...see the rug in Charlie Sheen's kitchen.

  3. We think the house is gorgeous too, and also wish we could see the exterior too. Actually, we like the animal hide rugs--even though PETA might hate us for saying that.


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