Thursday, November 5, 2009

First Lady of France Carla Bruni's Childhood Castle For Sale

Carla Bruni has many titles: wife of French President Nicholas Sarkozy, former singer/songwriter, former model, and current fashion icon who gave our First Lady Michelle Obama (shown with Bruni above) a run for her money at this year's G-20 summit.

Well she's also an Italian-born heiress who grew up in this castle in Italy, which happens to be for sale with an asking price of around $28 million (U.S. dollars):

It's grand of course! Still don't know if we'd ever want to live in a castle, though. See interior and exterior photos at PropGoLuxury. Hat tip to Luxuo for alerting us to it!

After checking out the photos, let us know if you'd want to live there!


  1. I wouldnot want to live there, not even if I could afford to live there. I pass.

  2. From the pictures the house feels cold and stand-offish. I really wouldn't want to live there. Sorry.

  3. Thanks Anon and Anon. Well, it IS a castle, so we suppose cold and standoffish is to be expected.

  4. I'd live there in a second. THanks for the alert because I'll be putting in my bid ASAP. !!!

  5. Okay, so maybe the 175 acres of Italian countryside would be nice to look at every day . . . .


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