Tuesday, November 17, 2009

For Sale: TV Executive Producer Jason Winer's Hollywood Loft

As seen in our post on Sigrid Olsen, you can have a fabulous lifestyle without living in a mansion.  Take this home, which belongs to Jason Winer, executive producer of ABC's hilarious new TV show Modern Family (starring our favorite Married With Children Alum, Ed O'Neill a/k/a Al Bundy).  It's a charming little 2BR loft that looks large, but really isn't.  And it's for sale!

The 3-story condo/townhouse/loft is part of an 8-unit property built by Paramount in the 1920's as a bungalow for their writers.  So you have a chance to own a little slice of Hollywood history.  The asking price is $599,000.

Now, some of the rooms are a little tiny--like the kitchen and dining room above, and the bedroom below:

But that's part of the charm!  The creative types always seem to find their genius in small spaces like this.  Remember, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone's bungalow in Berkeley?

Plus, the 18ft ceilings in the living room and the airy loft upstairs offer breathing room and make up for the lack of space in other rooms.  We love it!

All photos from Sotheby's International Realty.  For more information and to see more photos, check out the listing here.


  1. This bungalow is adorable.

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Love the 18 feet ceiling in living room and loft.

  3. So do we Anon! We also love the adobe fireplace.

  4. I really like the lofted area. Very charming place. Would love this as my weekend home.

  5. How cool to live in one of the writers' bungalows. I'm lovin' this (and "Modern Family")!

  6. Hey Julia, That is the best part! Guess we need to go check out Modern Family. We hear it is very funny.


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