Monday, November 16, 2009

Mystery Monday: Which Rock Star Calls This L.A. Pad Home?

We bet you're wondering who lives in this well-curated apartment with fabulous views of the City of Angels.  We'll give you a hint:  It's a famous musician known for his flamboyance.  Okay, maybe that doesn't narrow things down much! 

This British-born rock star has been in the game for 40 years!

Yes, it's Sir Elton John!  That's him above, standing near the entrance of his Los Angeles apartment he shares with his partner, filmmaker David Furnish (seated).  They are pictured in front of an artwork by renowned British artist Damien Hirst.

It is clear that art is the focus in this home.  Each piece carries some provenance or another, from the furniture to the bric-a-brac--which includes Dale Chiluly and vintage Murano glass scuptures. 

While we love a lot of what we see, we are reminded of Kanye West's home.  Kanye's home was similarly curated with some of the finest modern works of art and furniture we've ever seen, but seemed cold and empty.

Granted, we like Elton's place a little better because it offers spectacular views and glimpses of Elton's personality.  There are over-the-top design elements--like the Tracey Emin neon sign and the stamped python leather bed--that harken back to the time when his wardrobe included ostrich feathers and light-studded glasses.  Yet, it is surprisingly (Dare we say it?) tasteful.

All photos by Tim Street-Porter for Architectural Digest.  To see a slideshow with more photos, go here.


  1. I like the openness and the view but the decor is not my favorite. Ugh, I don't like the walls in this house. The artwork, the neon sign. Just plain yuck.

  2. Great view! The wall of windows is fantastic. Only in Southern California could you get away with that! Decor is trendy, funky, and tasteful. I think it fits well with the architectual style.

  3. Thanks Tina and Anon. We actually like some of the artwork and decor, though it has a Look But Don't Touch quality. No matter what, that view is amazing!

  4. Love the view and the furniture. Do not care for the rest of the decor.

  5. I like the furniture and view too. Not feeling most of the artwork and decor.

    Quick question for CDHQ: What do you think the material is on the side of the coffee tables in the living room - marble, plywood:) Never seen anything like it either way.

  6. BeachGal, AD says the tables are onyx and chrome. We think they are so fab!


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