Thursday, August 13, 2009

Whoopi Goldberg's SoHo Loft for Sale at a Lofty $3.9M

Cindy Adams of the New York Post reported this week that Whoopi Goldberg, star of ABC's The View, is selling her SoHo co-op. We found the photos on and we're still scratching our heads a little.

Don't get us wrong, we LOVE SoHo and her place is ultra-cool. Whoopi's also got some pretty amazing art pieces throughout her digs (which Cindy says are NOT for sale).

We also like the industrial open dine-in kitchen (below). Looks like a fabulous space for a dinner party.

BUT the place seems a bit unstructured. The only unifying theme we saw was the dated "Shabby Chic" gimmick with white slipcovers everywhere. Maybe she felt she needed that to calm things a bit. We think she could have used a home stager to show off the features of her digs better. Fortunately for her, loft lovers can usually see past all that. They don't need help envisioning how they'll use the space.

So once again we have another celebrity home that at least feels real and looks lived-in.


  1. I do like this and it does look like someone actually lived in the loft. I know the Soho locals will miss her and some of the tourists that have had a thrill to see her waliking around.

  2. Love Whoopi's house.It is decorated so much like she dresses. It is her style and she likes it. Love both.

  3. I agree that she has some nice pieces, but the look is so disjointed...

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