Thursday, September 24, 2009

EXCLUSIVE HOUSE PHOTOS! Sarah Michelle Gellar/Freddie Prinze Jr.'s Home

Congratulations to beautiful actress Sarah Michelle (Gellar) Prinze and her handsome husband Freddie Prinze Jr. on their new baby girl!  Little Charlotte Grace Prinze arrived on Saturday, September 19th.  According to People, her parents are "over the moon."

We've obtained EXCLUSIVE photos of their home!

Looks like precious little Charlotte will have plenty of room to grow in her parents' luxury Bel Air home (above).  According to property records, the home is nearly 7,000 sq. ft. with 7 bedrooms and 7 baths.  Hmmm, 7-7-7!  Wonder if they spend a lot of time in Vegas?

The foyer below is unremarkable--even if we visually delete the previous owners' ugly decor.  (These photos were taken just before the Prinzes moved in.)  What's with the fake flowers over that hideous cabinet anyway?   The mirrored-wall behind it only makes matters worse!

We like the wood-paneled study (below) though, which we assume has been redecorated to lighten it up and remove all that dull 1980's plaid:

Freddie (or Sarah!) will need a place to escape during those sleepless nights with the baby.  And the study surely looks cozy enough.

While we don't have photos of Charlotte's nursery, we do know that Sarah Michelle purchased most of the furnishing for it from Argington, a children's furniture shop.  Here's the stylish crib she selected:

Judging from the crib and some of the other pieces we found on the store's website, we think Charlotte will have a very chic nursery--one fit for a California princess!

We're thrilled for the family and wish them the best!

Top photo by Claire Greenway/Getty Images.
Crib photo by Argington.


  1. Congratulation to the both of you. A new home and a new baby. Would love to see the newly decorated home that baby Charlotte will never have to remember that dark study or library.

  2. We'd love to see the newly decorated home too!

  3. Wow, I love this blog, I found it on twittr when I was surfing about Charlotte Grace that also a new home for Sarah and Freddie ??? quite nice, and baby Charlotte surely will grow up happily there ;) and is there any swimming pool at that house ???
    btw how can you have those pictures of celebrity's houses ? is that their real home ???

    I'm from Indonesia ;) and feel free to type #visitindonesia on twitter

  4. Well best wishes for the family and their new home.

  5. Hi Miss N!

    Thanks for the compliment! We're new and trying to grow our readership--so PLEASE tell your friends about us!

    The home isn't new. It's one they bought several years ago. We know their exact address and found an expired listing for it. FYI, we never post a celebrity's address.

    And, yes, they have a kidney-shaped pool in the backyard. Sorry, no photos.

    Thanks again. We'll be sure to check out your video on youtube. Meanwhile, if you're on facebook, please become a fan!


  6. Thanks Cassandra! We're wishing them the best too. And, as we mentioned in our previous response to Miss N, this home isn't new. They've owned it for a few years.

  7. Great get! And great timing, too, with their new arrival.

    I have to say the mirrored wall with the "excess greenery" frightens me a little, but I'm sure that's nothing a former vampire slayer can't handle. ;-)

  8. Thanks Julia! We must admit it took a bit of effort. And you're right--Buffy can tackle it!

  9. AWESOME ! Thank you so much for these pics, I love these 2 so much, and I've always wondered how their house looked like.Do you guys know if there's a tennis court ?

  10. You're welcome Priscilla!

    We know they have a swimming pool, but it doesn't look like they have a tennis court. Besides they're house sits on barely more than a half-acre. With that giant house and a pool, there's not much room left.


  11. oh my god i'm french and this house is so big !!!

  12. im a HUGE SMG fan and there house is soo cool my house is a 6 bedroom and 3 bathroom but it doesnt look that big from the outside.and that means that she has 1 more room than me and 4 more bathroom

  13. Hi! Im Cody. I look up to Sarah and Fred. They both have a perfect chemistry. Their Life is like a fairytale living happily after. Their still glowing and being Happy together. I don't have parent's too look at as a idol/roleModel. But all I can Say in my heart they are the kinds of people I wish I was around my whole life or raised by. Their spirit is filled with so much grace and kindness. They both are just too kind, there's just no words to describe it. My Love to you both. Congrats on your New Baby Boy. Mr. & Mrs. Prinze

  14. I figured out their exact address. It wasn't hard to find.

    1. Where did you look? I'm from Europe so I'm not really familiar with the area. I would love it if you could just point me to the right direction :)


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