Wednesday, September 23, 2009

VH1 Divas Edition, Part 6 - Where in the World is Jennifer Hudson?

You knew we'd save the best one for last.  In our view, Jennifer Hudson is the only true diva of the bunch from this year's VH1 Divas Live show.  At a mere 28 years old, she's managed to do and survive through things that have earned her our respect.

We got our first glimpse of J-Hud when she was a finalist on the third season of American Idol.  Though she didn't win, she ultimately became a bigger star than any other Idol before or since.  After earning an Oscar and a Golden Globe award for her work in Dreamgirls, she later won a Grammy award for her self-titled album, containing her debut single "Spotlight."  She also suffered a horrific family tragedy and emerged as graceful as ever.  Finally, as she demonstrated on Divas Live, the girl sure can blow!

So, you ask, where does she live? 

All we can say is:  Carmen Sandiago and Matt Lauer don't have ANYthing on J-Hud.

First, we know that our girl Jennifer hails from Chicago.

We also know that nearly a year ago, Jennifer went through one of the most horrific tragedies imaginable.  On October 24, 2008, her mother and brother were found slain in the home they shared (below) with Jennifer's sister.  Three days later, Jennifer's 7-year-old nephew was found slain in an SUV.  Her sister's former boyfriend is charged with the triple murders and awaiting trial.

At the time, we believe Jennifer lived separately in a luxury condo in downtown Chicago.  But soon thereafter, for safety's sake, Donald Trump graciously put her up in his Trump Tower (below), also in downtown Chicago.

Then we heard Jennifer was moving to L.A. and we temporarily lost track of her.

By the time we caught up with her again, Jennifer was engaged to David Otunga, a Harvard Law School graduate best known as "Punk" from VH1's I Love New York reality series.  Not surprisingly, we pretty easily tracked Otunga from Cambridge to New York and Chicago.

Next thing we know, Jennifer's pregnant.  And then she was spotted out and about in TAMPA of all places!  And we heard that she was shopping for a bed! 

Turns out that Otunga just got a new gig as a professional wrestler for the Florida Championship Wrestling division of the WWE.  His division is based in Tampa.  You can go ahead and laugh now.

The last piece of info we have is that Jennifer had her baby (a boy named after his dad) in an L.A. hospital.  Congrats to her!

So we're guessing she's bi-coastal--with homes in both L.A. and Tampa. 

We also think she's leasing because we can't find any property records in either of those areas.  Smart girl.  The housing economy has yet to fully recover.


  1. Jennifer Hudson is indeed a"Diva". She must be admired for the way she handled the tragedy of her family members death. Congrats to her on the birth of her son. I remember her being pregnant at Michael's services. Brought me to tears. She was so good and I loved Michael. She needs to wait on buying a home.Trying to keep two homes is difficult in any market.


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