Monday, September 21, 2009

VH1 Divas Edition, Part 4 - Jordin Sparks' House

Nope. Beyonce hasn't been eating too many biscuits. If you saw the VH1 Divas 2009 show last week, then you know that it was Jordin Sparks who strutted on stage looking like an oversized version of your girl Bey. With all the sexy gyrations a normally modest, slightly heavy, wholesome teenager can muster up.

It just so happens that Jordin also belted out the national anthem at last night Dallas Cowboys-NY Giants game.

The Cowboys may have lost, but we actually thought it was Jordin who was off her game when it came to singing the anthem.

She can't blame it on the acoustics either. That new Cowboys Stadium cost a whopping $1.2 BILLION dollars--so you know they've got a kick-ass sound system!

Our discerning ears tell us that this sugary sweet 19-year-old singer still hasn't come into her own yet. It might take moving out of her parents' home.
Yes, the daughter of former NFL player Phillipi Sparks reportedly still lives in the same home (above) in Glendale, Arizona, purchased by her folks back in 2003 for around $900K. Here's a larger (albeit hazy) view:

At more than 4,000 sq. ft., there's plenty of room for Jordin along with her mom, dad, and brother.

What there isn't room for is growth and maturity--the kind that gives a singer that soulfulness of experience in her voice. This used to be what was required for diva status. Maybe VH1 sees or hears something we don't.

All we can say is: Call us when you get your own crib, kid.


  1. Damn, can she reach 21 before you kick her out her momma's crib?!

  2. Wait a minute, Anon, college kids leave the house at 18!!! And the real question is, when do DIVAS leave their parents' nest?

  3. Jordin is still a beautiful young woman who has yet to mature in due time. Give her a break. I think she has talent.

  4. We think she's beautiful too! Just not quite a diva!

  5. I agree with you, CelebrityDigsHQ. Sadly, a diva, she ain't.

    As far as leaving the home, with all these crazies out here, I can see why she'd stay close to the nest. You see what leaving his momma's home got Chris Brown?

  6. Thanks Anon#3! Come to think of it, THAT m$tha f#cker moved only a few doors down from his momma! So maybe she should stay home for a little while longer . . . .


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