Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Miami Condo for Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony

People magazine is reporting that Jennifer Lopez's husband Marc Anthony --who just became a part-owner of the NFL's Miami Dolphins--has bought a waterfront condo in the Icon Brickell building in Miami.

Marc promises it'll be the "sexiest place in town" and we believe him!

The Icon Brickell's main entrance (above) and the pool (below) should give you some idea of what the building has to offer.

We've always liked this stylish couple.  We have no doubt their place will be smokin' hot--and family friendly at the same time!  Can't forget about their twins!


  1. Jennifer and Marc will have even more friends now that they have bought part of the NFL Dolphins and this luxurious condo. More power to them.

  2. I am convinced that you have to know how to live like this. Although, many who have this type of wealth didn't grow up in it, have an understanding of how to live it. They are so learned at living well, their expectations of life is not confusing to the universe.
    So today I am going to try not to be confusing to the universe. I WANT TO BE WEALTY, FILTHY STINKEN' RICH!

  3. Anon#1: We want to be their friends too!

    Anon#2: All that universe talk is too deep for us! All we know is we agree with your bottom line: we want to be filthy stinkin' rich too! Okay, maybe not stinkin' . . . .

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