Wednesday, October 7, 2009

At Home With Top Design Judge Kelly Wearstler: Love Her or Hate Her?

By now you know that we're featuring the homes of the main cast of Bravo's Top Design reality show, which looks like a no-show this season.  Too bad because one of our favorite celebrity interior designers, Kelly Wearstler, was quite entertaining as one of the judges--even if only for those wild clothes she wore!

Love her or hate her, Kelly's the only interior designer who truly gets what was fabulous about 1980's design.  If you're old enough to remember watching "Miami Vice" and "Dynasty," then all you probably want to do is forget that era.  But Kelly will make you reconsider, as she has almost single-handedly changed the way boutique hotels look today.  Thanks to her, the tired zen look is out and the snazzy no-two-rooms-are-alike look is definitely in.

Lucky for us, we have a 2-for-1 on Kelly's "home" work today.  Vogue just featured her Beverly Hills home in its October issue and Metropolitan Home currently features her glam Malibu beach house in its November issue.

Up first, the Malibu beach house:

We love everything about the living room, above, from the marble walls and bleached walnut floors to the modern Soriano sofa paired with vintage chairs.  Did you notice the fireplace?  Or the abstract cabinet behind the sofa?

We even love the dining room, below, with its stone pedestal table and vintage bucket chairs:

This bedroom is a mix of old and new pieces:

The hand-painted wallpaper and side tables are designed by Kelly.  Everything else:  pure vintage.

Not exactly a beach-y look, but we don't care! It's totally fab!

But what about Kelly's Beverly Hills house?

Well, we're not exactly digging the foyer's hand-painted wallpaper custom designed by her.  It looks like her kids took a paint brush to the walls!  And she has the same gold Pedro Friedeberg "Hand" chair that we saw in Jonathan Adler's apartment

Gosh, she even has Friedeberg's "Hands" table in the entrance hall (below):

In the photo of her drawing room below, she boldly combines a vintage leather sofa with a marble checkerboard coffee table.  There's also a glamorous 19th century chandelier coupled with a ceiling covered in a paper similar to the one on the bedroom walls of her beach house.

Okay, so maybe it's all a little too much--even for us!  But we still love Kelly's style!  And her confidence too!

All photos by Francois Halard.   Be sure to check out the articles and slideshows about Kelly's beach house here and her Beverly Hills house here.


  1. Kelly is beautiful. Love her Malibu Beach house living and dining room, but can't imagine one sleeping in the bedroom, too busy.

    I love vintage furniture, however,this was too much for me.

  2. Wow this house is totally over the top, and not in a good way. The foyer and drawing room are awful.

    I guess you could take one piece of furniture from each room, say the dining room table or the living room's abstract cabinet and design a dining and living room respectively around it.

  3. Love it! Love the foyer wallpaper and as far as the chair is concerned, to suggest that J.A. did something before K.W. is just ridiculous. He took her Hollywood style and ran with it in New York. I think he's still doing it. Watch for his Sottsass knock-offs or reproductions. That's my prediction. She has really embraced the 80's. No one sees the paper as a very refined homage to Keith Haring type street art? The drawing room is like deconstructed Memphis Group. Brilliant!

  4. Hey Anon #2: Never thought about Keith Haring! We see what you mean! Actually we did like the walls of the beach house bedroom. Still not there yet on the pink/white foyer paper. Thanks!

  5. The Malibu house is fabulous, but the wallpaper at the Beverly Hills house is downright hideous!

  6. She has hideous taste.

  7. i love the wallpaper. I wish it came in a fabric so i could reupholster my dining room chairs in it!

  8. Generic consumerists are the most judgemental people. lol Kelly Wearstler has awesome one of a kind style and her beautiful stylish mansion only proves that. Go big or go home. Bland doesn't make history. Real designers and artists go beyond the norm and aren't afraid and that's what I love about her.

  9. I love it all, especially that wallpaper in the foyer! I love her work.

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