Friday, October 9, 2009

What Celebrity Digs HQ is All About!

We received an anonymous comment yesterday that sparked a great discussion among us here at Celebrity Digs HQ.  The reader thought our blog was unfocused!  We saw it as a perfect opportunity to lay out the three categories of content we cover in our blog:

1.  The homes of celebrities currently in the news.  This includes TV stars (reality or not), movie actors, musicians, or dumb fucks in the news for any reason at all.  Whenever we read a story that catches our eye, we ask ourselves:  Where do THEY live?  Then we try to find out.

2. Celebrity homes in the news.  This covers celebrity real estate news, such as who just placed their home up for sale.  It also includes celebrity deadbeat renters, burglaries, property disputes, or bizarre occurrences that happen in connection with a celebrity's home.

3. Celebrity homes featured in design magazines or newspapers.  We're particularly interested in those where interior design is the focus.  That's just because we like celebrities and we like beautiful houses!

We're still new at this and we're fortunate enough to have thousands of site visitors here each month.  We want you to think of us first when you want the ins and outs about a celebrity's home.

Oh yeah, most Fridays we try to choose our Celebrity Home of the Week.  On rare occasions, we find one that hits all three of our content categories.  That's total nirvana for us!



  1. No wonder I like this blog!

  2. Love this blog, and I am actually getting ideas from just the pictures.


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