Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lofty Living with Top Design Host & Mentor Todd Oldham

This week we're featuring the homes of the judges and hosts of Bravo's Top Design show, which is possibly returning in January of next year.  Today, we look at Todd Oldham--a jack of all trades in the design world--who is probably better suited behind the camera.  Seriously!  Among other things, he works as a photographer and graphic artist.

Like Kelly Wearstler, Todd does a lot of hotel interior design work.  His big thing is colorful retro graphic prints mixed with a bit zen.  And as with Kelly, we're fortunate enough to get a 2-for-1 on Todd's home design.

A few years ago, Metropolitan Home visited Todd at his loft (above) in New York's Financial District.  He definitely has a way with graphics.  The striped walls in his living room below are a nice backdrop for his art collection. 

What we like about Todd is that he believes in accessible design.  His place is a real apartment, not a designer showplace.  It has sleek mid-century modern looking furnishings, some designed by Todd himself.  The room-dividing shelving units are a necessity that those living in small spaces can really appreciate.

Todd also has a weekend home in Pennsylvania:  Another loft!   But it's not the same kind of loft.  It's this treehouse:

We're starting to wonder, though, if Todd is a one-trick pony.  Like his New York apartment, this one has striped walls and is filled mid-century style pieces. 

Here, the walls are covered in colorful Charles Harper prints.

Incidently, did we tell you that Todd is a writer too? He just wrote about Harper.
We told you Todd was a man of many talents!
Photos compiled from various sources, including Metropolitan Home and New York magazine.


  1. Todd's house in New York Financial District is
    beautiful and livable. He knows how to arrange furniture.
    I may need a glass of wine and climb up into the treehouse to rest my eyes on all the art, even if most of it is Charles Harper's prints.
    Too much of a good thing can be bad too.

  2. Love the treehouse!

  3. I've just been catching up on all of your posts for the week. I enjoyed all of your coverage of Bravo's Top Design--I had been wondering about it. For all its faults, at least it was better than HGTV's Design Star. Here's hoping Bravo makes some improvements and brings it back better than before!

    Kelly Wearstler's decorating style is a little out there for me, just like her clothes. Todd's treehouse is very cool!

    Thanks for joining my blog party today. Have a great weekend! :-)

  4. Thanks Julia! We will miss your blog parties!

  5. Enjoy my Christmas gift from daughter( opened early). 4 bird glasses, cardinal plates. Charlie Harper art I remember in high school. And went birding every Saturday as a kid growing up in small town, Pa. Thanks Mr. Odham for introducing me to your great dinnerware. I'm now wanting ALL the bird art!!


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