Friday, October 9, 2009

What's Inside the Home of Top Design Judge & Elle Decor Editor-in-Chief Margaret Russell?

Today, we end our week-long coverage of the homes of the main cast of Bravo's Top Design show with a "look" at the home of Margaret Russell.  As many of you know, Margaret is the editor-in-chief of Elle Decor magazine and served as a judge on Top Design.  What you may not know is that Margaret is very private and never lets anyone photograph the inside of her home. 

Fortunately for us, the San Francisco Chronicle published an article last year by Anh-Minh Le detailing her interview with Margaret.  In the article, we found many clues as to what the inside of her home looks like and the design style that most resembles hers.

In the article, Margaret describes her Manhattan apartment as "very white - white walls, white furniture." She also has an art collection that apparently keeps her apartment from looking too stark.  Says Margaret: "My style is more pared down than what's in the magazine. I'm bombarded by pattern and color in the office. It's so crazy there that I wanted something more peaceful at home."

In 2007, she wrote a book, So Chic: Glamorous Lives, Stylish Spaces, in which she chronicled many of her favorite homes that have been featured in Elle Decor: 

In talking with Anh-Minh, Margaret singles out the home of Ralph Lauren in Montauk, NY, as being most closely aligned with her style.  That thrills us to no end because we LOVE Ralph Lauren as an interior designer!  (His clothes are fab too!)

It took some effort, but we found photos of Ralph's house on the website of Pieter Estersohn, the amazing photographer used for the feature.  Here are a few shots of the living room and den:

Margaret also appreciates the design approach in Sarah Jessica Parker's weekend home (also featured in the book) in Bridgehampton, NY:

Margaret particularly liked Sarah's ability to mix high and low items, including tables from IKEA in her living room (above).

We've always liked Sarah's quirky dining room (above) and now we can't help but notice the stark white walls that must appeal to Margaret!

Well, Margaret, at least we feel like we know you a teensy bit better now!
Photos of Sarah Jessica Parker's house and So Chic cover photo by William Waldron.


  1. Great pictures, especially the dining room. I love the collection of chairs around the table! I'm sure each one could tell a story that could add to the conversational fodder during a meal. Love it! Cheers Christine

  2. Margaret, if your taste is anywhere similar to Ralph Lauren's, you get IT. Not that there ever was doubt considering your succesful tour as editor in chief at Elle Decor. I keep my copies for about a year.

  3. would love to have a lovely house like that one day

  4. I'm not feeling the high/low mixture in SJP's weekend home.

  5. Ralph's place is sweeet! SJP's spot is a tad bland, but not offensive.


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