Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another Real Housewife of Atlanta Loses Her House

TMZ is reporting today that unReal Housewife of outside Atlanta Lisa Wu Hartwell and her husband ex-football player Ed Hartwell lost their McMansion last week. They bought their generic home in Duluth, Georgia, in 2007 for $2.9M and the bank just sold it in a short sale for $1.9M. (Do any of the Atlanta Housewives actually live in Atlanta?)

Don't believe it's generic? These interior shots look like the kind of nondescript photos you see in homebuilders ads from earlier in this decade:

According to TMZ, the couple's representative says they have purchased a new home that sits on 10 acres elsewhere. At least they figured out that if you're going to live in a mansion, don't live in one that sits so close to its neighbors.

Don't believe it could be that close? Check out the backyard:

Sorry to see anyone lose their house to foreclosure. Let's hope their new home is a better fit for them . . . and more interesting than the last one!


  1. These "Real Real Housewives of Atlanta" certainly are not thinking about a real home for their kids. Anyway, they are the best at one upmanship.

  2. Ok I am confused, are these "Housewives" the most busted of the "Housewives" series? Forclosure, divorce, non payment of rents and mortgages, no more Big Papa. These chicks are going to have to get some jobs. Then it will be call "The Real Housewives of Atlanta Who Now Have To Work". I know I know Kandi works and supports her "fiance`", by the way, what the HELL does he do for a living?
    Anyway, guess that is what keeps me and everyone else watching, I am still a fan. Go figure:)

  3. Anon#1 -- You're right. Let's hope for the best for their kids' sake.

    Anon#2 -- You're soooo right. Sounds like Kandi doesn't come close to meeting the definition of "housewife." But then, again very few of these RH's do!

  4. lisa im sorry for you, god will previal, just hold on

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