Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shia LaBeouf's New Digs

Get ready to get your socks knocked off! We just learned that Transformers cutie Shia LaBeouf just plunked down $1.825M for this stunner in Sherman Oaks, California.This 3-bedroom/4-bath home was built in 1958. That's right! Yet another midcentury home. And a serious contender for our Celebrity Home of the Week!

Here are a few shots of the interior:
We love it!


  1. “The fact that his personal information is out there for everyone to see, and that this site is choosing to re-print it is extremely sad and scary.

    Shia is a famous person, and while it is true that some lack of privacy is to be expected, CA does not publish people’s addresses as part of their property records… so whomever leaked this may even be responsible for violating some privacy laws and/or agreements.

    I would urge any site who claims to be a fan site of Shia’s to remove information that could cause harm or discomfort to Shia.”

  2. Thanks Anonymous for your observation. It's one of the concerns we had before even launching this site. We realize there's a fine line between celebrity gawking and celebrity stalking. That's why we go out of our way to avoid posting any addresses of any celebrities.

    Again, thanks for your comment.

  3. Also, while information about property ownership is not available on Los Angeles County's website, that information is still available to the public upon request.

  4. Separate from the privacy issues, if I didn't already LOVE Shia, I love him even more now. This place is freaking amazing. And being from an overpriced eastern city, I'm thinking $1.8 million+ ain't bad for this baby!!!

    By the way, you forgot to mention another con to Whoopi's place. Two words: track...lighting.... hello 1984.

  5. Thanks! Good catch on Whoopi's place! And, yeah, Shia's house is probably in the running for our Celebrity Home of the Year!

  6. Wow, Shia's house is a very amazing sight!! Even though this does invade and go against his private life, but if there was permission by the celebrity himself, it would be a whole different story. Anyways, I'd personally like to mention that these are wonderful photographs. I'd like to say that the photographer is outstanding and that he/she has a very wonderous talent (:

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