Friday, August 14, 2009

Celebrity Home of the Week

Well, we knew it would be a tough decision this week. We just didn't know it would be this tough! Let's have a look back at the candidates:

Candidate #1: Shia LaBeouf's Cool Sherman Oaks Home

* Gorgeous mid-century house. Hollywood style and glamour.
* Shia's a Hollywood Hottie!

* Shia is at about minute 12 of his 15 minutes of fame.
* The house is so fab, we're just plain jealous! Yes, we reserve the right to 'playa hate.'

Candidate #2: The "Ferris Beuller" House of Glass

* Another mid-century beauty (albeit probably freezing cold during those Chicago winters).
* Nice period furniture pieces inside.
* It's for sale. So you can own a piece of movie history . . . if you've got $2.3M.

* Infamous Ferrari is not included in the sales price.
* It's not really a celebrity's house. This actually disqualifies it from winning.
* It's not even the movie house of the movie's only celebrity--to the extent that we're still calling Matthew Broderick a celeb. Remember, it was his friend Cameron's house.

(Cameron was played by Alan Ruck, in case anyone cares and we know no one does.)

Candidate #3: Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's Overpriced New York Home

* It's a normal person's house. (Of course, Geithner may be a psycho.)
* It's the first house to garner its own segment on The Daily Show.
* It's possibly still for sale on the down low + at a greatly reduced price after that segment.

* That now infamous royal blue tile in the bathroom could get on our nerves.
* That aqua blue and salmon pink bedroom could make us commit hari-kari!
* It's overpriced, Geithner, you dumba$$! No wonder folks want you fired!

Candidate #4: Whoopi Goldberg's Eccentric SoHo Co-op

* It's a cool and quirky SoHo loft that happens to be for sale.
* AOL thought enough of it to put it on full blast to its subscribers yesterday.
* Despite our observations, a lot of people seemed to really dig her place.

* It's a little too quirky for us.
* It's a little too Shabby Chic-y for us.
* Did she ever f*ck Ted Danson there? Ewww!

So after weighing all the pros and cons, we have to call it a three-way tie this week. Congratulations Shia, Tim, and Whoopi. All of you have the Celebrity Homes of the Week!



  1. Have to agree. I love all three homes. If I have to choose just one, I will go with Shia LaBeouf's Sherman Oaks home, even if his 15 minutes of fame is almost up.

  2. Agreed. Shia's house is sweeeet.

  3. Yeah, Shia's home is quite glamourous! But Whoopi's kitchen sure looks fun.

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