Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Home Alone . . . and Loving It!

This week we are featuring a couple of homes featured in films by the late John Hughes. Today, we look an all-time favorite: the Home Alone house. Without a doubt, the 1990 film (written and produced by Hughes) made a star of Macaulay Culkin. We submit, however, that the house was the real star to emerge from that film.

Located in the wealthy Chicago suburb of Winnetka, Illinios, this house is a traditional beauty. Here's what it looks like in the daytime:

For those who don't recall the movie: Culkin stars as Kevin McCallister, a kid accidentally left behind when his family flies to France for the holidays. Kevin hilariously fends off would-be theives (Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern) in their multiple burglary attempts.

Here he is at the top of the stairs preparing one of many boobytraps he set throughout the house. Of course, we were busy looking at the classic foyer!
In the film, we saw multiple interior shots of the home, completely decked out for the holidays in all its wallpaper, chintz, and poinsettia glory.
Now don't get us wrong, we realize that it was the end of the 1980's and wallpaper and chintz fell out of favor shortly thereafter.

But we'll always have an affinity for it IF it's done right--a la Michael Smith, an interior designer who can mix patterns better than anyone in the world. (Can't wait to see what he does to the White House!)
Anyway, if you squint, you can see how beautifully three different rooms are coordinated in the photo above. Just lovely!

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