Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's House: Round 2

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's tudor cottage house in Larchmont, New York, was up for sale recently, as reported on The Daily Show. After that hilarious negative publicity from the show about the house being overpriced, it appears he's yanked it off the market.

Let's hope he got a contract on it. Then we'd feel like he's actually doing his job to fix the economy.

Anyway, Zillow no longer lists it as for sale. Fortunately, the photos were still up this morning. So we had a look at them:
Well, the house is certainly attractive enough, even if the furnishings are a little boring.

And here's that questionable bathroom:

Actually, it's a little "loud" but it's not so bad. Probably should have just stopped the tile at the tub surround and gone with beadboard behind the sink and toilet. Perhaps the tile original to the house. Then, it would be a cool feature.

His other bathroom, though, is obviously totally renovated. We like the bench and mosaic tile in the shower. See:

Now here's a bedroom that could have used a better paint combo:
Folks, don't think we're soft on the Obama administration. We'll call it like we see it. The bottom line is, this is a pleasant and comfortable-looking home.

Geithner gets points for normalcy. Unlike Karl Rove's house (which was nice enough too), we don't get the impression that a pompous person lives there.

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